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1st-May-2013 09:30 pm
RULES and ordering

Postcards 8$ each except the last on the right (Blastoise) 5$
3$ each Vs cards
3$ each Big posters
2$ Beach ball

SOLD: clearfile, manga

3$ Lucario Poketime bookmark
0.75$ each Holo cards

Pokedex pages 0.5$ each, ask and I'll look for them

0.75$ each Cardboard cards
0.75$ each Trettas or take 3 for 1.5$
SOLD: yellow glaceons

0.5$ each Trettas or take 3 for 1$
0.5$ each Amadas, pogs, magnets, randoms stickers or take 3 for 1$

Please, post your order over here
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