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Art Commissions 
25th-Jun-2013 10:55 pm
Main post and rules

I'm also open for trades/partial trades for anything ^^
You can follow me other drawings and styles on my DeviantART , INSTAGRAM , BEHANCE , Tumblr and Facebook
And buy my art on Etsy, RedBubble and Society6 !!
             YOU CAN SEND ME AN E-MAIL TO: paulagonzart@gmail.com

  • I can draw whatever character you want to. Not only from pokemon. I can try other styles if you want to but you should watch what I'm able to do.

  • About pokemon: I can make also characters/trainers/teams/gijinkas... No problem with that.

  • I can decide if I don't want to draw something, however I shouldn't have problems to draw it (I can make furry/gore/yuri/yaoi...).

  • I'll show you pictures of the drawing making it so you'll be able to decide if you want to change something. I want to make something that  you really like it.

  • I'm open to suggestions. If you want another kind of drawing, we can talk about it. I mean size, type of materials...

  • Also open to haggling. If you want various drawing I could make it cheaper :)


  • I made these designs and they were printed and laminated. On one side you have the Pokemon and, on the other side it's black. You can decide if you prefer them with a hole and a ribbon or without it. They are 12cm x 5.5cm.

  • I can make any Pokemon/Human/Non-Pokemon character

  • I can do them shiny/different colour/with items...

  • I can do a pattern background for the same price.

  • I can sell the designs I have already printed (if they aren't OOAK) for 4$ or reprint them for the same price!!

  • One regular character would be 5$ and you can choose if you want a ribbon or not

  • If you want a pattern bookmark I can do it but it would be 8$ for three pokemon on the pattern (example: Lillipup line) 6$ for two pokemon or 10$ for four pokemon.

Commissions: poketime bookmarks #pokemon #sailormoon #art #illustration #winona #golbat #crobat #zubat #camerupt #numel #butterfree #beautifly #vivillon #groudon #kyogre #maxie #teammagma #froslass #bellossom #pokelove

They are the same price than the poketime bookmarks and I can do them with any background, sleeping version or awake version and with ribbon or without it. Kuttaris tags are 10x4cm. 5$ each

Commissions: custom stickers #pokemon #illustration #lunatone #solrock #umbreon #espeon #bellossom #commissions #art #pokelove

I have some of the designs you can see on the preview made too so I can sell directly some of them for 1$ or I can sell 20 square stickers for 8$ or 9 pokemon stickers for 5$ (as the eeveelus) -you can have a custom of them and the others can be or copies of your custom or reprints of the ones I made.
They are 5x5 cm (like an amada).

Commission: Johto by Agui-chanss (2015-11-29 at 09.19.36).png

Drawings with more complex design. Full size, gijinka, teams...
It would depend of the size, style and material.


  • Avatars starts at 5$

  • A character starts at 10$

  • A couple starts at 15$


  • Coloured pencils starts at: 10$ - A5 size // 15$ - A4 size

  • Watercolours/Markers starts at: 15$- A5 size // 20$ - A4 size

Digital examples:
ss (2015-11-29 at 09.24.10).png

Coloured pencils:
Commission: Kanto by Agui-chan

Sailor love wins by Agui-chan
And that's all!! Thank you very much guys :)

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